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We Purchase Old Tablets For Cash

Sell Your Bulk Tablets for Cash or Credit

If your business or school is upgrading their technology, look no further than Tablet Distributors. If you’re selling 10+ tablets, we’ll offer the best price around. We have a close network of highly-skilled buyers that will maximize the financial return on your devices, no matter if they are broken or gently-used. We’ll pay cash or provide you with a credit that you can use toward purchasing new tablets for your organization (at a higher value). Sell us your used tablets today!

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Tablet Configuration & Deployment

We Will Customize Your iPad Before Shipping

We often find that companies need specific software and/or applications installed before new devices are shipped. In addition to customized security settings, data protection, layout, and other fine-tuned calibrations; this process can be incredibly time-consuming when a large volume of tablets are involved. Our expert technicians are ready to set up your tablets according to your specifications.

Do you need to block websites, apps, or settings? Do you want to limit the number of apps installed? We can help. We’ll make sure your tablets are loaded with exactly what you want and nothing else.

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If you ever have issues with your order or have questions about your tablets, access Tablet Distributor’s award-winning customer support team.

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Sim cards and a service plan are not included with our cellular-capable tablets. Certain tablets need sim cards to access 3G/4G data when they are not in a Wi-Fi area. All tablets are able to access Wi-Fi without a sim card.

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