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We often find that companies need specific software and/or applications installed before new devices are shipped. In addition to customized security settings, data protection, layout, and other fine-tuned calibrations; this process can be incredibly time-consuming when a large volume of tablets are involved. Our expert technicians are ready to set up your tablets according to your specifications.

Do you need to block websites, apps, or settings? Do you want to limit the number of apps installed? We’ll make sure your tablets are loaded with exactly what you want and nothing else

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Our Warranty

Tablet Distributors offers warranty for any functionality issues. This warranty starts on your tablet’s original purchase date. During this period, if your device is defective, simply follow our easy instructions for returning a device. At our discretion, we will either repair your device, or replace your device with an equivalent device.

Tablet Distributor’s limited warranty will apply to repairs, replacement parts, or a replacement tablet for 30 days or for the rest of your tablet’s original warranty period - whichever is longer. Tablet Distributor’s limited warranty is only applicable to your tablet’s hardware. Tablets that have been damaged due to an accident, neglect, water, or other external causes are excluded from this warranty. Tablet distributors does offer additional warranty options for iPads. Contact us to learn more.

Buy-Back Program

If you want to sell your organization’s tablets in bulk, contact Tablet Distributors. We offer a quick and convenient solution for selling your technology. If you have 10+ devices to sell, look no further than Tablet Distributors. We have a close network of highly-skilled buyers that will maximize the financial return on your devices, no matter if they are used or broken.

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Are you a drop-shipper? Use Tablet Distributor’s warehouse to store your products and ship to your customers. Take shipping, labeling, and invoicing tasks off your plate and focus on growing your business.

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